Eide Tech GmbH is an innovative Industrial project consulting service company with long-term experience and stable network of worldwide partners. Our services and solutions cover not only the single machine component, but also the complete industrial production line.

We have engaged ourselves in the industrial field of Automotive, Electrical, Iron and Steel, Energy, Food and Medical industry for decades. Our services cover Robotic, Sensor and Encoder, Optical, Measuring and Software Testing Engineering.

We abide by our promise in rigorous details to anticipate, analyze, search, plan, execute, attend all cooperated new factories, projects, technology, to guarantee the preciseness, safety and reliability for all work of consultancy, technology, service and operation.

As our business develops more and more in-depth, our services become diversified in the efforts of our professional team and partners. We design more feasible ways for our development to achieve the satisfaction and success of customers and partners in the process of purchasing plan for new industrial plant, making project and cooperating with other project companies, offering technical service, global industrial information research and analysis and a package of whole solution to our users in consulting, developing, purchasing, sending and maintaining.

We adhere to the concept

  • Practice makes perfect
  • Efficiency comes from diligence
  • Success depends on forethought
  • Relying on science and technology
  • Believing in ourselves, trusting our partners, Contributing to mutual benefit and win-win cooperation


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Eide Tech GmbH
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45329 Essen

T: +49 201 8606 343 / 344
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